Bipolar Situations

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Bipolar Situations The 3 stories, “The Use of Force”, “The Man in the Well”, and “A Visit of Charity,” all have various themes that can be attributed to real life. “The Use of Force,” was written by William Carlos Williams in 1938, a nonfiction story based on a little girl going on a visit to the doctor with her parents.The visit with the doctor helps make conclusions on what the author was writing about. “ The Man in the Well,” is a nonfiction story by Ira Sher. This story is based upon the title given to it by the author, a group of children hear a man in a well. The children's actions toward the man is strange, but paints a clear picture. “A Visit of Charity,” by Eudora Welty is about a young girl's visit to a nursing home. The actions of…show more content…
Williams starts with the doctor entering the patient's home, the patient being a little girl with her mother and father present. The father begins to spell out her daughter's sickness to the doctor before her daughter can even speak. The doctor then says to the parents that he needs to take a look at their daughter's throat. Williams magnifies the situation by including the disease diphtheria, which back in this time was usually a fatal disease to have, but the girl does not want to open her mouth for the doctor to be able to see in her throat. The doctor begins to tell the girl things in order for the girl to open up just for a look. The mother explains to the daughter,” Come on, do what he tells you to, he won’t hurt you.”(110) This then pushed the daughter and the doctor to the extremes. The daughter, the next time the doctor went near her scratched at him and smacked off his glasses. The doctor then sees the girl in a new light, even calling her names in his thoughts. Williams then changes the dynamic with the father seeing that the doctor needed his help and began holding his daughter down. The doctor got the tongue depressor in the girl's mouth but unfortunately she crushed it. The girl screaming and the doctor still pushing to see the throat, left the girl bloody and the doctor impatient. Williams, elaborates the doctor's plans by each spoon magnified. The doctor finally uses a heavy spoon…show more content…
Welty describes the girl's attitude towards the by with, “I’m a Campfire Girl… I have to pay a visit to some old lady.”(112) The girl enters the the home, by talking to the nurse asking who she could visit with on that day. The girl was very scared of the women in the nursing home and the nurse could see that in the girl. The nurse then put the girl in a room with two very different old women. The girl personified her fear of the women with, “She had a bunchy white forehead and red eyes like a sheep.” (113) Welty elaborates the reason the women are in the nursing home, with the dialogue that the girl is having with the two women. The two women then drove the girl out with the crazy things that they were doing, because they felt the girl was there with pity. As the girl ran out of the nursing home she ran past the nurse, where she just sat there reading her magazine. The nurse then sarcastically asked if the girl was gonna eat dinner as she ran out of the

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