Bias In A Sitcom: Parks And Recreation

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Bias in a SitCom Young adults are just a few of those in a varying audience who would enjoy watching Parks and Recreation for three specific reasons. To begin, young adults who have just entered adulthood can easily relate to the two young characters on the show, Andy and April, who have just become newlyweds and are trying to face the battle of responsibility and growing up. Since the age group is so similar, both the couple and adults are easily able to fight the reality of being independent and having to self-provide after such a long period of time of depending on others. Because of Andy and April being represented in such a humorous way while going through a tough time, young adults begin to take in their footsteps and they…show more content…
Though the amount of people of colour in the cast is not staggering, it is still very important and welcoming to see that such a professional workplace includes other minorities. When the audience sees this, they are comforted since it is quite rare to see many people of colour working for the government and being so respected. It gives off a sense that workplaces no longer care about skin colour and will hire those for skill, not race. It inspires young adults to go out and get the job they were afraid to apply to, it makes them feel accomplished and proud. Finally, one of the largest contributing factors to why young adults wound enjoy Parks and Recreation would be the strategically placed humour that is incorporated in the dialogue. Aside from adjusting into adulthood, and being motivated by all of the positive energy, the comedy in the show is usually targeted at young adults since most teenagers would not understand the jokes, and older generations would have a different sense of humour. A lot of the gags include the way the government is run, as well as cracks at political views that are more mature and educated. A large portion of the banter is just a play on words, or plain foolishness so all members of the audience regardless of age are able

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