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Due to variations of biblical scriptures, the term ‘God’ has no one true definition. Over the centuries, many authors and civilians have attempted to define ‘God as a force, mystical being or simply nonexistent. Authors such as Greg Epstein, who wrote Good without God: what a billion nonreligious people do believe, and Karen Armstrong, who wrote The Case for God, offer both their views and definitions of ‘God’. Based on these theories and definitions created by Greg Epstein and Karen Armstrong, ‘God’ should be defined as an idea, person or entity a person believes in that influences a positive, virtuoso and humanitarian lifestyle. Originally, the term ‘God’ was created and used in religion. ‘God’ was defined as a supreme being. According…show more content…
However, supports the idea that God is anything that a person believes in. ‘God’ doesn’t have to be a physical, however, can be a force. Epstein uses several examples to support this theory. “If you believe in Spinoza’s God, Dewey’s God, Tillich’s God, or Oprah’s God, we Humanists are your allies and friends. But we believe that calling what you believe in ‘God’ is at best utterly irrelevant to whether you’re a good person, and at worst it can confuse and distract others and even you from what is really important”(17). The ‘Gods’ Epstein refers to is created by these influential people. These significant people used their own definition of ‘God’ to pave the way for life. As a result, these people have succeeded in what they set out to do, For example, Oprah is a celebrity that influences people worldwide. Her views on ‘God’ are not the originally religious definition of ‘God’, but her own interpretation of ‘God’. In addition to this, Epstein’s brings Einstein into his novel. “…Einstein famously responded, ‘I believe in Spinoza’s god who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with fates and actions of human beings.’” Einstein’s belief in Spinoza’s God shows that God can be anything as long as it helps create a better and positive

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