Bill Cosby: The Tragedy Of Bill Cosby

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Bill Cosby, had always been one of the most positive celebrities known. He encouraged education, he created positive black television. A few of these shows still run today. He has had cartoons, movies, and clean stand-up comedy. Bill Cosby was arguably one of the most respected comedians and executive producers of all time until recently. Recently, Bill Cosby has had allegations of over 30 women with a similar story of being drugged and raped. Bill Cosby is guilty until he proves himself innocent because these ladies all tell a similar story. Are the stories true? Let’s dig a little deeper... There is a video on you tube with an interview from Mark Ebner, who says he wrote an article for the Daily Beast all the way back in 2007 with…show more content…
She says at an event Cosby walked up to her, grabbed her, and kissed her in a forceful way. She then broke away and ran looking for her date. She says nothing more happened, but she came forward to support the victims. Another accuser was Jewel Allison. During her interview she said Cosby did not rape her. In this video 75% of the women who has come forward with a rape story has been discredited. I never was on the “Bill Cosby is a rapist ban wagon.” Here are the reasons. All of these ladies knew he had a wife. What gave them any right to put themselves in a position to be alone with this very married man? Also, whether drink or drug if it is offered and you accept it, it is not forced. He offered, it was accepted. If you were alone with him and he gave you a drink, what did you think you were there for? I was always taught not to accept drinks or drugs from anyone, if you are having a beverage watch it being made, and never set it down to come back to it. I am not a supporter of rapist. If he did rape any one of those ladies he should be punished. What I keep asking is why are they just now coming forward 30 years later? Do I believe Bill Cosby is innocent, absolutely not. However, it is not rape he is guilty of; he is guilty of adultery. His wife is who I am sad for. In all this controversy she is the true victim

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