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In the Article Content Analysis of Qualitative Research on Children and Youth With Autism, 1993- 2011: Considerations for Occupational Therapy Services, the objective is to “determine how qualitative research can inform clinical reasoning among occupational therapy practitioners to support evidence- based, occupation-focused services for children and youth with autism and their families“ (Swinth). The research in the article included the search of journals that pertained both inside and outside the profession of occupational that were published internationally. The researchers used databases like Medline, PsycINFO, ERIC, etc. The proposal in this article is to find relevant qualitative research pertaining to autism, parent perspectives,…show more content…
The coding strategy consisted of having a group of symbols designated to a particular article. For example, if the article talked about a “parenting” they would put a heart next to it, or if they talked about “school” they would put a dash next to it. It was just an easy way for them to go back and group similar information together. The results from the first and second researches seventy nine out of the one hundred twenty five were chosen for further review. In these seventy nine articles the revealed nineteen codes that represent the topics that discussed in all the articles. Each article reviewed contained three to five of the codes that represented in the data table. The data table included topics such as: parents, sibling, friendship, school, support, sensory processing, diagnosis, etc. From the seventy nine articles, the researchers picked forty nine of them and synthesized the codes into conceptual themes. Which include: 1) Day-to-day experiences of autism 2) Service challenges for the family and 3) Reframing…show more content…
Also, I kept on loosing tract as to how many journals they were used to get there final results. The started out with one hundred and twenty five, but they ended up with only forty nine, this was really confusing. Another minor issue that I had when reading the article, was that when they were choosing the journals at random. I feel like that could of possibly had an effect on the data gathered just because it was randomly and not carefully chosen. There was a data table in the article which I wish would have been explained more on how it connected to the themes that were talked about. Towards the end of the article it included the study limitations, which I really found helpful and very good information to know when doing research regarding this topic. In the article it states that “ qualitative research on children and youth with ASD has increased. Additionally, more occupational therapy- specific articles have been published, both in the United States and internationally. It maybe that additional themes will arise from these more recent articles” and “ a second limitation is that thirty articles from the second review were randomly selected out of seventy six for in depth-review. Saturation of the data appears to have occurred”

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