Internal And External Forces In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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The Lord of the Flies presents many hidden ideas about things like the breakdown of society and human nature. One of the more debatable of these is whether internal or external forces are to blame for the actions of the boys later in the story. While there are good arguments for both sides of this debate, only one of these forces can be the major driving force for the boys’ decisions. William Golding had his own reason for the breakdown of the boys’ society he presented in his book. According to Skylar Burris, Golding believed that it was the “evil” in human nature that caused the collapse and there is no way to stop the inevitable fate. Burris also shared other opinions to the boys’ behavior. One of these were very consistent to Goldings but allowed for the evil to be contained through strict discipline (Burris). In the end, no one can agree on what actually triggers the impulsive and evil behavior exhibited by the boys towards the end of the book. However, I believe that there is one combination of the internal and external variables that are an obvious conclusion for the boys’ actions.…show more content…
In other words, human biology could be the reason the boys acted the way they did. After all, the boys wouldn’t just impulsively act the way they did without humans in general having a biological background that gave them the abilities and skills necessary to do the things they did. However, if it was just the biological traits passed down to the kids by the parents, we would all act like the way they did on a daily basis. There had to be something to trigger the irrational decisions of the boys. That is when the external factors come into

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