Benito Juarez: The Mexican Revolution

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The Mexican Revolution was caused by a compliation of social, economic, and political factors. From a political standpoint, Mexican president Porfirio Diaz was interested in sustaining the Mexican elite, and had tried and failed to reform Mexico into a more sophisticated and civil country. Socially, there was a large gap between the rich and the poor, which only grew larger over time by poorly distributing land the rural population had needed to make a living. Economically, the Mexican industries were primarily owned by foreign investors and there was nearly no demand for Mexican products. Diaz ruled poorly and, by attempting to silence the majority, brought around his own downfall. Benito Juarez[1] had been a liberal president of Mexico from 1858 until 1872,…show more content…
Their answer was to revolt. A revolution is forcible overthrow of a government to allow a new system. The Mexican people needed a revolution to rid themselves of an oppressive and repressive president. In 1900, 29% of all male children died within their first year of life, and those who did not die end up working in sweatshops. Only ¼ of the population was literate. But not only the lower class people were fighting this war, the ranchers from the northern region of Mexico, and few elite Mexicans, also rose against him. One in particular would be Francisco Madero, who would later become President of Mexico. He released a book called The Presidential Succession of 1910, where he called for honest and fair elections, a democratic standpoint in elections, and, as president, no reelection to the office. The book was well received, and soon Diaz had Madero arrested for inciting people to riot. Madero escaped to Texas. While in prison, he wrote his plan for revolution and assumed presidency. Madero came from a wealthy family, and had provided well for his employees, paying them over the average wages and providing clean places for them to

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