Descriptive Essay On The House Of The Village

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On an oleander tree that has dressed in pink flowers was a sparrow blessing the morning in joy with its chirps. Door of a house few yards away from the tree opened frantically and the bird flew into the air. A sweat-soaked young girl had thrown out herself, gasping. Black plum-shaped spot on the lower part of her neck was as though waxing-waning with each inhalation-exhalation. She was afraid. Her hair that already exceeded the level of her waist had scattered and wrapped half of her pretty face. She glimpsed at the woods with her eyes full of fear and staggered for a while. Everything was plain and restful; as most of her peers have been feeling ever since: dull. She relieved a bit, her breathing eased, her gesture loosened; same bird came to same tree…show more content…
It had built with mud bricks. Since it was painted with lime each year, it was always clean by the look. Its top was in the shape of dome. The surface of the dome was decorated with amatist and jade longitudinally. As the angle of the sun changes, it was sparkling colors of rainbow. Its basin was going long, full of water, was giving remedy to animals of the village and sometimes to animals of the jungle. Never had seen absence of water from its iron pipe that hasn’t owned a faucet. Summer or winter, it has flown with the same afflux and has delivered up life to the village. At the fountain, they were alone. Voices of women coming to water with jingling copper pails at their hands were at a distance. “I had a peculiar dream, last night,” said Corinna with a little timidly but eagerly as well. “I’m sick of your odd dreams, night by night. May you sleep well for a night, my friend,” said Jane. Sleepiness had made her forbidding. Although Corinna was bored with saying similar rhetoric, yet couldn’t stay silent. “I have been seeing things and I have nothing to do about it, and also this one was ultimately

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