Persuasive Essay On Exotic Cars

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Before the end of senescence contemptuously holds us and the need for speed prevails we indulge in the elegant essence and luxury of driving excessively fast. Names like Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche, Bugatti, Aston martin, Pagani all bring the everyday man to the designers glorious attention. 9ff GT9-R, taking the driver from a standstill to 190 Mph in under 16 seconds, starting off with 0-60 times of 2.8 seconds. Imagine your mind with undecided rush's of enjoyable, yet scary confusion. Placing yourself behind the wheel of what fundamentally mimics Elon Musk's rocket with a steering wheel and mirrors being included is what advertisements are suggesting. That is what owning an exotic boils down to when witnessing an exotic car demonstration. Serious buyers have known one thing for sure…show more content…
Simply a piece of art added to your personal collection with a disregarded price tag. Buyers are limited for exotic cars and that is the reason designers like Ferrari and Pagani are not limiting themselves to E-commerce advertising . Television commercials are a way to target the majority of lower income viewers and persuading them. Making poor financial decisions by purchasing an over prices, mass produced item is the part of the reason not everyone can afford a McLaren. Many magazines and high class events host advertisements or “demonstrations” for expensive vehicles, allowing them the preferred target consumers. Pebble beach, and cars & coffee give high class car designers the upper hand to market to an audience that enjoys cars and can afford them. Most exotic car advertisements are similar aesthetically. The colors black and white are used repeatedly to show elegance of the edged designs and pleasing body stances. “Luxury, Elite, Limited, Temptation, Exhilarating” are ingrained in advertisements for higher-end vehicles.

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