Summary Of Racism By Matt Bor

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The many variety of races and cultures in America have inevitably caused countless controversies around the idea that one race is better than the other. Many say all should be equal while others fight against that to support their concepts that one race should be more dominant. More specifically, whites are more important than blacks. With these controversies holding such a large part of American unity, there have been millions of cartoons, articles, broadcasts, and anything of the sort regarding race relations. In a political cartoon created by Matt Bors, he uses clever light values and diction to successfully indicate that race is a prominent issue that applies to everyone and cannot be ignored. Bor’s picture has distinct differences in light values to make clear that the argument he is making is towards racial issues. In the image he created, one can see right away that there is a black man as well as a white man. Michael Bors uses different shading upon the grey scale…show more content…
Coming from each of the drawn characters is a speech bubble indicating that they are having a conversation. The black man is saying “It feels like my experience as a black man in America may be different from yours” thus showing the black man’s concern with his experience living in America versus someone who, in social expectation, has it better than them. To further show the point being made by Bors, the image shows the white man asking “Why do you people inject race into everything?” in response to the black man. This strongly illustrates that this white man is saying the black man’s feelings towards discrimination are not relevant and are only used as people of color’s self-defense. When the reality of the world is that all race relations are significant and need to be addressed no matter the person or their skin color; which is exactly the point Bors is trying to

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