Personal Narrative-My Tragic Writing Journal For Ideas

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I walked into the giant science room and stopped once I got to my desk. I sat down and looked around in awe as the 3D printer moved around and the electrical wires hung from the ceiling. Ms. Mann and Mrs. Koletis explained our assignment and let us go. We had to make a box that explains who we are on the inside and out. No instructions? No material restrictions? I have never done an assignment that did not have a rubric. I searched through my dramatic writing journal for ideas and my hand turned to a page about the landscape of my soul. I have always imagined my soul as a big, empty field. The field has little buildings full of little “things”. The “things” are what make me up as a person. Each building has its own theme. I wanted to put three houses in my box, so I choose the three that made a larger point, memories, school, and home. I thought of something Ms. Mann had told us…show more content…
The bridge tells us that we need to get over our obstacles, hurdle the hurdle. The bridge also connects the houses together and that makes up my soul. The outside of my box is all white. This is how people who don’t know me view me, white. They assume that since my skin is white that I am a stereotypical white girl. The only other thing on the outside of my box is a “Hello my name is…” sticker. This sticker represents that people can think whatever they want to think of me, but until you understand who I am and my identity, you can’t make an accurate label of me. On the inside of my box there is the same sticker, but it says Alexis in the spot where your name should be. By telling you my name I am telling you that this is me and this is who I am. A box cannot express who you are, wood and glue do not make up a soul. A person makes his or her own soul. I know why this box was hard to make and it is not because my box was complex, it is because I cannot simplify my emotions into an art project. Feelings and personalities are more than

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