Huck Finn Comparison Essay

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My life compared to Huck Finns is different but I guess sort of the same. Huck wanted to be free from everything and not have to worry about slavery, Huck wanted to go to school too. I wanted to be free but then again I remembered that I won’t be able to live by myself without my parents. When I was younger I couldn’t wait to be older so I can live on my own and be free and do whatever I wanted to do, now that I’m in high school I feel like I could still live with my parents longer if I had the chance. I always used to go play outside all day long and sometimes I didn’t want to go back home just how Huck felt with going back with his pap. My parents aren’t drunks but sometimes I just was bad and didn’t want to be home. My life wasn’t bad like Huck’s was, but I did want to be free. I was very different from Huck because he wanted to go to school but I never really liked school honestly, they wouldn’t let Huck go to school because no one back then was skilled at reading and writing.…show more content…
His pap was a drunk who liked to beat on Huck from time to time because he was drunk. Huck had it bad honestly and I know my life was nothing like his, my family would always be there for me and they would treat me good and not beat on me. Huck just wanted to be free away from his pap and to be able to make his own decisions. Huck was adapted by Mrs. Watson so he would go stay over there but his father wanted his own slave so he would go back and get Huck from her, Huck got tired of that and that’s when he ran away. I personally have never ran away but there was times when I was really mad that I would just leave and go to my grandma’s house without telling my

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