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Blockbuster had once been notorious for being an outlet full of movies that had been released, but many were not able to see in actual theaters. Blockbuster became a national phenomenon during 1985, the year which it had opened. Since video retail had become a booming industry in 1983, the founder, David Cook decided to cultivate it in his own two hands. Creating the first store in Dallas, Texas on October 19th 1985, which eventually led from one small store to a grand total of 19,000 stores worldwide. However, trouble began to erupt after the new wave of technology ripped its way through and displayed a new way to view movies. With new competitors in the 2010’s, Blockbuster sales had declined drastically. Netflix had managed to snatch most of Blockbuster’s customers and attract many more with their DVD subscription and membership of a mere eight dollars per month. With Netflix’s subscription, viewers were able to view a near nine thousand movies, and television shows, beating Blockbuster’s rental price. By 2010,…show more content…
It followed suit with the stores located in the other countries for numerous reasons, piracy, being bought out, and the debt of $1 billion dollars. It was with the role of products sold that played into the rise and fall of the chain. The DVD subscription had become a hit, but not for too long. Due to Netflix being a tough rival who already had the exact thing, with a much bigger customer base. Blockbuster pulled out and decided to end its DVD subscription in 2009. By Blockbuster doing this, it shot itself in the foot in the long run and set it behind its competitor, Netflix who continued to dominate in streaming and renting films. The product of renting movies by mail as Netflix had been doing for years and canceling it a few years later with a lack of numbers, caused Blockbuster to face turmoil and began to lead the chain to its

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