Beast Of The Southern Wild Essay

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The film “Beasts of the Southern Wild” written and directed by Benh Zeitlin, delivers the coming of age story of a young girl. This young girl, Hushpuppy, is the protagonist in a world separated from civilized society by a levee. She lives in a world known as the Bathtub, which is a swamp that is separated from the modern society, north of the wall. Other than the physical difference between the two worlds, there are also variations in lifestyle that each world would consider comforts of home. Living in the Bathtub, members of the community are able to come together as one with nature and appreciate its beauty. Even though life in the Bathtub is simple, it is still tough. Every member of the community cares for those who are not strong enough to survive on their own, but at the same time people must ultimately survive for themselves.Food, water, and supplies are not wasted, and the idea of luxury does not exist in this world.…show more content…
Even though, it is not shown in many scenes of the film, the lifestyle of the people north of the levee is modernized . Modern medicine is available as seen when Hushpuppy’s father returns to the Bathtub early in the film wearing a hospital gown and a wristband. Along with that, they have modern food and shelter, and the perception of life is not valued by how well they have lived, but how long they have lived. Evaluating the different lifestyles between the two civilizations, one would wonder why the writers chose to name the film “Beasts of the Southern Wild.” This leads to the question, who are the beasts in this film? Are the beasts those who live a life with nature and only take what they need to survive or are they people in modern society, with technology and luxury, whom have cut themselves off from what is really important in life? There is no determination for who is a beast - labels like these are relative to each society’s perspective and varies depending

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