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Frostbite and trench foot withering the front line. A bombarding of Artillery coming like clockwork, the cold winter of Belgium fully underway, neither side can afford to lose this battle. The Battle of The Bulge began on December 16th 1944 and continued for exactly one month. It had been six months since American, British and Canadian troops stormed the beaches in Normandy, France. Many battles and thousands of lives were lost on both sides. No battle on the western front accumulated more deaths during World War II and no other battle involved as many combating soldiers as the Battle of The Bulge. With the Soviets Forces on the East pushing the German forces further back, Adolf Hitler devised a plan, against the advice of his generals, to regain the western front, bringing the battle away from the Soviet Forces. The thin Allied battle line was outmatched and outgunned by the superior…show more content…
(Henretta, Edwards and Self, 2012, pg 787) The Battle of The Bulge occurred six months after the invasion of Western Europe by the Allied Soldiers. Also known as the Ardennes Offensive, The Battle of the Bulge was the largest battle fought on the Western Front in Europe during World War II. The Battle of The Bulge began as a planned surprise attack and “was a massive gamble on the part of the German dictator Adolf Hitler, one he lost badly.” (“Battle of the Bulge”) Against the advice of his Generals and Advisors, Hitler’s intentions were to drive a wedge between the American, Canadian and British army and to recapture to ports in Antwerp to deny using of the port to the Allies. Hitler’s intentions were to pull troops away from the eastern front in the hopes of demolishing the Western Front Allies, ultimately convincing them to join Germany. Although the German army achieved the desired surprise, they meet a surprisingly tough

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