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The Battle of the Bulge was a key battle towards the end of the Second World War. During the cold and rigorous months of winter, German forces mounted a major attack against allied forces. The purpose of this offense was to divide the American and British armies in France and the surrounding areas and regain control of the port of Antwerp in the Netherlands. By retaking the port, it would allow the German Army to control supplies and deny the Allies use of the port facilities. With the German Chancellor Adolph Hitler leading the realm of the German troops, he ordered the launch of Operation Autumn Mist, which would catch the American troops off guard in the early morning of 16 December 1944 that would last 39 hard fought days, ending on 25 January 1945. Effective use of artillery had a tremendous effect on the outcome of the battle. Massing fires, introduction of variable time fuzes, and indirect firing influenced the victory at the Battle of the Bulge.…show more content…
Russia was closing in fast from the East, the American and British forces began to gain ground on the German border in the West, and Adolph Hitler found himself in a desperate position. American forces were also facing harsh conditions. The majority of troops, supplies, and focused operations were being carried out in the northern and southern portions of the western front. Analysis of condition Hitler decided that a battle that would seemingly lead to the defeat of his Army, the German Chancellor decided to launch a surprise attack in the west hoping to divide and crush the allied forces. Focusing German forces main assault to the center of the front and using the dense woods of the Ardennes Forrest for cover, the German Army began its

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