Personal Narrative Essay: The Ishpeming Basketball Team

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I remember being on the Negaunee Nets traveling basketball team in the 4th and 5th grade and I sucked. But I remember the first, and only mind you, time I made a shot. It was my second year playing an. We were playing West Ishpeming, which was our favorite team to play because we knew a lot of the girls and when we played them it was always a serious game. From time to time we lost to them and that always broke our hearts, but this game we were all determined to win. I remember the exact place we played, the Ishpeming Armory. Although I always had fun playing basketball with my teammates, one thing that always sort of bothered me is that I was always on the bench. I guess it made sense though, I was a very awkward person with the basketball…show more content…
Coach J took out Lauren Anderson and I ran out to where she was standing and by the person she was guarding. The other team had the ball, but not for long after Allie Ring stole it and started for our side of the court. I remember Lauren Lindenberg and I always being the first one’s down to the other end of the court, simply because in all honesty we didn't know what else to do. Well anyways, Lauren and I are at the end watching Allie run with the ball. We always managed to stay out of the way of the people with the ball just so we didn't mess them up. I remember being all alone with my own space at the other end of the court, to having everyone swarm around me. ¨Uh-oh¨ I thought. I was in the…show more content…
But then I started dribbling and making my way passed people, I got stuck at one point between some Westwood players, but I managed to free myself and get right up to the basketball rim. But then- some girl stuffed me and hit the ball right out of my hands. I was so disappointed, all hopes for making a basket and doing good was gone. I saw the ref yelling and blowing his whistle, not knowing what he was saying. That’s when Samantha looked at me and said “Jordyn you got fouled, now you get to do two free throws”, and then I was excited again, but nervous because now all eyes are focused on just me. I walked up to the free throw line where the ref was pointing and stood there waiting for all other players get in their positions which were on the side of me. When they were all ready the ref looked at me with the ball in his hand and said “Ready?” I nodded my head and put my hands out ready to get the ball and dribble it. I was dribbling the ball and looking around when suddenly everything was in slow motion, I looked around at the crowd seeing everyone in the negaunee section cheer me on and chant my name. I propped the ball up in my ready position, closed my eyes and tossed it

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