Baseball Failure Research Paper

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Failure is a part of life, it is up to you to take what you want from it. As a young kid learning a new sport, failure was common. I had started baseball when I was about eight years old and I had no prior knowledge of the sport until my tryouts at little league and I soon realized that I loved this sport, but it did not love me. During the tryouts I saw many kids with talent, they picked up baseball like if it was walking, it was so natural to them. Meanwhile I didn't even know which hand the glove went on. At first I wanted to give up because I thought that I was not as talented as all the other kids, but I knew I liked this sport more than they did so I knew I couldn't give in. However I was not as gifted as them so each time I failed, like missing a ground ball or striking out I would put my head down and get even more mad at myself, but little did I know each time I was failing the next time I would go up to bat I would get a hit because I did not want to feel like a failure or let down my team. I would try and not repeat the same mistakes that I had done before.…show more content…
Obviously all the hard work that I had put in to become better helped me, but I can always remember all the times I failed and not all the victories because I remind myself to not make the same mistakes like last time. However, even though I was learning from my failure, I would still mess up in new ways like looking at the fence while reading a pop fly which sent me to the emergency room when I was ten years old during one of my games, but now I know if I am close to a fence while trying to catch a pop fly to extend my arm out to the fence instead of looking over at the

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