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3.5 Advantages and disadvantages 1. An enhancement of backtracking. 2. However it is much slower , indeed it often leads to exponential time complexities in the worst case 3. If applied carefully ,it can lead to algorithms that run reasonably fast on average. Department of Computer Engineering 21 DYPCOE, Akurdi, Pune Applied Algorithms TSP using dynamic and branch and bound programming 4 Applications of TSP  Genome Sequencing Researchers at the National Institute of Health have used Concorde's TSP solver to construct radiation hybrid maps as part of their ongoing work in genome sequencing. The TSP provides a way to integrate local maps into a single radiation hybrid map for a genome; the cities are the local maps and the cost of travel is…show more content…
Department of Computer Engineering 22 DYPCOE, Akurdi, Pune Applied Algorithms TSP using dynamic and branch and bound programming In the application, a collection of DNA strings, each of length k, were embedded in one universal string (i.e, each of the target strings is contained as a substring in the universal string), with the goal of minimizing the length of the universal string. The cities of the TSP are the target strings, and the cost of travel is k minus the maximum overlap of the corresponding strings.  Whizzkids'96 Vehicle Routing A modi ed version of Concorde was used to solve the Whizzkids'96 vehicle routing prob- lem, demonstrating that the winning solution in the 1996 competition was in fact optimal. The problem consists of nding the best collection of routes for 4 newsboys to deliver pa- pers to their 120 customers. The team of David Applegate, William Cook, Sanjeeb Dash, and Andre Rohe received a 5,000 Gulden prize for their solution in February 2001 from the information technology rm CMG.  A Tour Through MLB Ballparks A baseball fan found the optimal route to visit all 30 Major League Baseball parks using Concorde's solver. The data for the problem can be found in the le mlb30.tsp (the…show more content…
 Coin Collection An old application of the TSP is to schedule the collection of coins from payphones throughout a given region. A modi ed version of Concorde's Chained Lin-Kernighan heuristic was used to solve a variety of coin collection problems. The modi cations were needed to handle 1-way streets and other features of city-travel that make the assumption that the cost of travel from x to y is the same as from y to x unrealistic in this scenario.  Touring Airports Concorde is currently being incorporated into the Worldwide Airport Path Finder web site to nd shortest routes through selections of airports in the world. The author of the site writes that users of the path- nding tools are equally split between real pilots and those using ight simulators.  USA Trip The travel itinerary for an executive of a non-pro t organization was computed using Concorde's TSP solver. Department of Computer Engineering 23 DYPCOE, Akurdi, Pune Applied Algorithms TSP using dynamic and branch and bound programming The trip involved a chartered aircraft to visit cities in the 48 continental states plus Washington, D.C. (Commercial ights were used to visit Alaska and Hawaii.) It

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