How Does Soda Affect Your Teeth

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Many people enjoy drinking soda and have various sugars along with it but, do they really know what effects it can have on their body and their teeth. Many people don't care but, what they don’t realize is that your teeth have a big impact in your life, over all your health. Often we think that heath starts from inside our bodies, in reality it starts from your mouth, your mouth helps determine how healthy you are. First off if you have dirty teeth and don't brush, it causes bacteria and all sorts of things to grow in your mouth, you then swallow those thus getting sick and unhealthier each time. Soda and Sugar are by far the most consumed in the United States by adults and children. Soda is the one of the largest source of sugar in the…show more content…
They are no longer as white as they were, they could be turning a yellowish color because more dentin is showing at this point. Your teeth may also become un even and may look dented due to the wearing off of the enamel. This also means that you will have more pain and sensitivity when you chew on food, you tolerate less of the hot and cold foods that enter your mouth. Before you get these severe symptoms you may have cavities staring form you may have some staining on your teeth. Basically the soda adds layers of sugar to your teeth, which over time your teeth start getting…show more content…
Heart disease can occur from drinking soda each day. This causes your heart to accelerate, eventually leads to high blood pressure. Another contributing disease is cholesterol. Soda can be harmful to the stomach as well, it raises your stomach acid levels. You shouldn't drink soda on an empty stomach it will cause damage on the lining of your stomach besides upsetting it. All of these damages to the body start mostly on the mouth. Due to the layers of sugar that layer on the teeth which produce nasty bad bacteria that then is swallowed into the body system. As you can see your oral health is just as important as your internal one, both of them play a big role in your well being but you need to learn how to balance the care for

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