Jennifer Lawrence: An Epic Hero

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Jennifer Lawrence was rated the world’s prettiest women in the world in 2014 by For The Men Magazine. She is not only a role model to many, but a honest and humorous being. Jennifer Lawrence is an epic hero because of her ability to complete deeds of great courage and strength. travels across a vast land area, and has suffered from humility many times. Jennifer Lawrence is capable of deeds of great strength and courage. These characteristics are shown through her past actions. stated, “She has two older brothers, Blain and Ben.” Growing up with an older brother is hard enough because he constantly picks on you, but Lawrence had two, making her adapt to the lifestyle she was living in. Also, stated that,” Lawrence was an athletic child, involved in cheer-leading, field hockey, and softball.” These situations would later help her in life by being casted in many action films such as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games and Ree in Winter’s Bone, also taking a lot of courage, commitment, and strength because being the main character in a movie is not an easy task. These events that have occurred in her life are proof that Jennifer Lawrence is a strong…show more content…
“She was born in Kentucky… but traveled to New York a lot as a kid,” is just one example her traveling over a vast setting ( Additionally, Lawrence, being an actor, would naturally travel over vast settings to play a part in a movie. “Lawrence stayed in New York for the summer. Soon after, she and her family moved to Los Angeles for her to get small roles in many films,” is another example of how Jennifer Lawrence traveled over land ( Furthermore, she traveled to many exotic places for filming The Hunger Games series, such as North Carolina, Hawaii, Germany, Paris, and Atlanta (IMDB). Because of all the places she has traveled for movies, Jennifer Lawrence is an epic

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