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I have cited below some reasons why the Moro people are in conflicts with The Republic of the Philippines. First, during the celebrations of “The Declared Independence” the Filipinos of Luzon and Visayas considered this as the beginning of freedom and independence. On the other hand the Bangsa Moro considered the event as the death of their own freedom, and independence. This is because during that time, being a Christian is compulsory. They felt like the government was trying to eliminate their rights and culture as a Muslim. Second, “The Land Ownership” legally as well as illegally, became rampant. Moro communities were demolished to construct a park and a hotel for tourists. Badjaos' homes were demolished to make way for the expansion of wharves. Homes of Moro fishers were demolished, and other…show more content…
We must start the change by changing ourselves first. Start it with our self by eliminating our wrong perception with our fellow Muslims. I once talked with somebody, and she told me that she is afraid with the Muslim because they are rebellious, fighter, and selfish. Then, as I grow old, I also perceived Muslims with the same notion. Until I realized that Muslims are also Filipinos. We are living in one nation, one flag and one land. If everybody will have the same realization, then I believe there is no reason for our Moro countrymen to treat us Christians fairly. We must show each other love and care, regardless of religion, belief and culture, and then we will be united. They may trust us and believe to the Rizalian teaching. The Bangsamoro Basic Law or BBL is a drafted law intended to establish the Bangsamoro political entity in the Philippines and provide for its basic structure of government, which will replace the existing Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. The BBL states that, “The Bangsamoro Parliament shall adopt their official flag, emblem and anthem of the Bangsamoro” (Art II Sec.

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