Dancing Revelers And Achilles Playing Dice

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On August 9, 2004 the cover of The New Yorker featured a piece of work by Christoph Niemann called “Modern Olympics.” The picture featured a depiction of a red-figure painting on an amphora, typically a jar used to hold wine. The work of art shares a resemblance to the work of art called Dancing Revelers. Dancing Revelers is a red-figure amphora by the artist Euthymides. Dancing Revelers was created around 550 BCE during the Archaic time period in Ancient Greece. The cover is also reminiscent of the amphora created by Exekias called Achilles and Ajax Playing Dice, also from the Archaic period. However, there is a major difference between the two. The cover is of a red-figure painting while Ajax and Achilles Playing Dice is a black figure painting.…show more content…
The distinguishing traits of the amphora were the two handles on either side of the jar. Amphorae usually depicted scenes from Greek mythology or scenes of everyday life. As the name clearly states, Dancing Revelers depicts three men in various dancing poses. The shapes of their bodies follows the curve of the jar in a masterful way. The artist, Euthymides, was a master at creating red-figure paintings. He was very well known for his work and became quite famous because of it. An inscription on Dancing Revelers says, “Euthymides painted me as never Euphronios could.” This is an example of the skill that Euthymides was known to have. He gloated in his own work and basically said he was better that others of the same

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