Julius Caesar Vs Pax Romana

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Rome consisted of two classes: The patricians and plebeians. The patricians were the rich and wealthy land owning aristocracy who had the power and controlled the roman senate. While on the other side, plebeians were the commons and majority of Rome that didn't have much rights. Julius Caesar was a very successful military leader. He improved and strengthened Rome by extending citizenship to many provinces that supported him and instituting economic reforms. He also modernized and rebuilt the Roman City. However, many of his political rivals feared of his growing power and later was assassinated him in 44 BCE. Octavian, a.k.a Caesar Augustus, was Julius Caesar's grand nephew. He established the Pax Romana, which was the period of relative internal peace. Through his military power, he secured absolute power for himself and future…show more content…
Hadrian had great leadership and was even one of the emperors of the age of the "Five good emperors." His great leadership strengthened Rome's defense and improved the army. These three rulers have few things in common: They are all tyrants and used violence to maintain power. Caligula was remembered for his cruelty and Nero was remembered for his mass violence on Christians. Lastly, Commodus's misrule led to instability and conflict. The Roman system of law was one of Rome's most important achievements. The twelve tables, which are the twelve set of laws citizens can easily see made Rome a vast empire and maintain the vast empire. Pax Romana is important because Rome is a country of craziness and war, but because of Caesar Augustus, Rome was able to be in peace for over 200 years which this period of time is called the Pax Romana. Rome was under constant attack from the Barbarians invading from eastern Europe. Barbarians were important, because they constantly attacked Rome, which means that Rome will have to strengthen the defense and the

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