Baby Blue Short Story

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The Bottom of Baby Blue “Can you please make that baby shut up?!” screamed Father Blue. “You can’t make a baby stop crying,” Mother Blue said softly,” and you can’t yell all the time either, that makes him cry more.” Mother Blue was always the one to take care of Baby Blue. She is the most kind woman you will ever meet. She is skinny, has hazelnut brown hair, cream colored skin, rosy cheeks, freckles, long straight hair, and stone colored eyes. She loves to go outdoors, she is very creative and artsy, and most of all she is very smart and kind. Mr.Blue is almost the opposite of what Mrs.Blue looks like And aks like. He is very athletic and lean, has milky skin, a glowing complexion, neat jet black hair, gleaming white teeth and emerald green eyes. He is very determined…show more content…
The neighbors said they have seen Mr.Blue leave in his blue car and drive back around the house to the backyard. They also said he went to the backyard, but the neighbors didn’t see what he did. Mr.Blue went back to the front and pretended he went to work and came back for lunch. Mr.Blue is now the prime suspect, but Sally is still a suspect of the crime. “Did you try to kill Baby Blue, Sally??” the detective asked. “I would do no such thing! I just love that little angel,” Sally exclaimed,” I only forgot about him for a couple of minutes, I swear!” “Ok, wait here while I ask Mr.Blue.” Fred explained. The officer walked into the house while Mr.Blue sat at the couch. “Did you try to kill Baby Blue, Mr.Blue??” asked Fred. Mr.Blue didn’t answer. “Did you try to kill Baby Blue???” The detective asked again, but this time impatiently. “OK, YES, I tried to kill Baby Blue!!” Mr.Blue answered quickly. “You are under arrest for trying to kill Baby Blue.” The detective said. One of the officers handcuffed Mr.Blue and lead him outside to their cop car while Sally stood in surprise by the
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