Australia's Involvement In The Vietnam War Analysis

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During the 1965 and 1972 period Vietnam had issues involving the French. The French had controlled Indochina and Ho Chi Minh was a nationalist leader who wanted an independent Vietnam, which would have to come from reclaiming Indochina from the French. But as the fight went on to claim Indochina through the Government powers it had caused Vietnam to divide into the Communist north and the "democratic" south, which is backed by the USA. As part of Australia’s alliance with the USA, we were called to help them when they wanted us to because Australia wanted to keep a friendship with the USA because they could help us when we needed it as they were seen as the country that you “don’t want to mess with”. Firstly in 1960, a nationalist, mainly communist group the Vietcong was set up to wage a guerrilla war to re-unite Vietnam. This meant for the south to call the USA to help fight against the rising Vietcong’s. As the USA was called in, we wanted to be there to firstly strengthen our relationship with America but to also set up alliances with other countries as well. At this time of when the war started out and little Australians were…show more content…
There was news that Australia would send a task force to the war in 1966. This sparked an outrage in numbers of anti-war groups forming throughout the Australian society. But the anti-war groups, opinions and public protests didn’t even have an effect in the policy decisions about Vietnam. Over time Australia’s withdrawal from the war was already being looked upon in the early 1970’s after widespread protests and marches that had taken place in the country’s major cities. When Australia joined the war, it was under the guidance of America’s lead but this wasn’t a concern for the Australian people. The fact that when America decided to leave the forefront of Vietnam, meant that Australia had no other choice but to follow

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