Athens Vs Sparta Research Paper

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Sparta is one of the Greek city-states It’s known as a military state. Sparta was one of the best military forces in the ancient Greek city-states and it was well known for its military power. Having a strong and powerful army benefited so much in the ancient times. It provides protection for themselves and have more advantages than other city-states when it comes to military power. Other Greek city-states like Athens, focus more on art and sciences. There are many things to have to make a great city-state and one of them is military. Sparta was a superior Greek city-states compared to Athens because Sparta had a much greater military in term of methods, skills and combats achievements. Sparta was one of the most powerful army in the ancient Greek city-states. Spartan was a better Greek city-states than Athens because of its military and its methods. Sparta had…show more content…
Training young soldiers to endure pain seems harsh and cruel but learning these tactics will only make them brave and loyal. Other skills that they have are learning different fighting tactics. “ Spartan boys were required to become proficient in all manner of military activities. They were taught boxing, swimming, wrestling, javelin-throwing, and discus-throwing ( “Athens Vs. Sparta”). Spartan boys learned tactics and different military strategies to help them fight and be proficient. Spartan train their soldiers varieties of different exercises and makes them skilled and benefited them to become a stronger soldier. Sparta had many military achievements. One of them is Spartans fought in a war of Thermopylae where the spartans soldiers held the persians back and letting the Greek army to freed. The Peloponnesian war was between Athens and Sparta. Sparta defeated Athens in the Peloponnesian war ( “Ancient Greece”). One of sparta’s achievement is defeating Athens. “During the next few years Sparta defeated Athens in almost every single land battle” ( “The

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