Nasa's Explosion: The Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster

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The Challenger Space Shuttle disaster was an awful shock to the United States. The Challenger was the first shuttle to be destroyed. One specific crew member will always be remembered because she was a teacher at a school. The Challenger explosion left a huge mark of improvement in the space industry. The Challenger Space Shuttle mission shocked the entire world when it blew up barely off the launch pad because off defective materials on the shuttle. The Challenger was originally meant to be a test vehicle for flight simulation. The company of Rockwell built it. NASA gave Rockwell a contract to convert the test vehicle into a shuttle. It was finished building on October 23, 1981 ( The shuttle had went through nine other successful missions. The reasons for the tenth mission launch was to place a communication satellite, do test, and experiments. Another reason was a teacher was going to teach from space ( Many important decisions went into the tenth launch of the Challenger Space Shuttle. Morton Thiokol was a company that made the boosters for the shuttle. They strongly…show more content…
The o rings were predicted to fail. Cold weather conditions made this possible. The o ring not being at its full ability caused gases to leak out of the booster ( A hole got burned into the booster and ignited the gases that were leaking out. This caused an explosion (World Book 2005). The booster was 149 feet long. It has four sections each section has two rings. The gases have always leaked past the first o ring but the second one didn’t let gases through. The cold weather caused the o rings to be hard and not flexible like they are supposed to. Hydrogen and Oxygen were the gases that leaked out. The shuttle had to carry oxygen because there is no oxygen in space and without oxygen the fuel can’t be ignited. The booster went out of control running off its own fuel

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