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1.1 Research Question Investigating the change in ascorbic acid content in red bell peppers due to storage time (0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 days) using back titration. 1.2 Introduction Vitamin C is an important nutrient and antioxidant for the development of body tissues and carries several other benefits to the human body. It is present in several fruits and vegetables like bell peppers and citrus fruit. When people buy such nutrient-rich food, they tend to store them for long durations. However, it is necessary to understand whether the nutritional content of such food is affected by storage time to determine the maximum duration that it should be stored for to benefit as much from its nutrients. Red bell pepper was chosen for this investigation as…show more content…
The volume required for reaction would indicate the amount of unreacted triiodide from its reaction with ascorbic acid. This value was subtracted from the initial amount of triiodide produced by the iodate to calculate the amount of ascorbic acid that was present in the bell pepper (30.0 cm3) and then multiplied with the total volume of bell pepper solution obtained from 150.000 g. One of the constants during the experiment was temperature. The storage temperature of the bell pepper was kept constant at 4.0oC. The bell peppers were cut and stored in a refrigerator during its storage time at a constant setting and temperature. This was because different storage temperatures would affect the change in ascorbic acid content of the bell pepper. The type of bell pepper used was kept constant by only using red bell peppers as different forms of bell peppers have different ascorbic acid content. The same batch of bell peppers were bought from the store to ensure that they were of the same initial quality. The mass of bell pepper was kept constant at 150.000 g and was measured using an electronic weighing balance. The processing method of the bell pepper was also maintained such that they were blended and filtered using the same method stated in the procedure. This was to prevent the inconsistent loss of ascorbic acid from different processing

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