Organic Chemistry Chapter 11

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After reading chapter 11 the question come up in my head is Are Vitamins can help to conduct and control all the chemical processes of life? Because from my childhood to since now I hear a lot things about vitamins either through parents, Doctor or teacher that in order to gain vitamins make sure to eat green vegetable, fruits, fish or red meets. While reading these chapter It help to understand that how important these tiny vitamins not only for us also it’s important to all the living things in this earths. Since organic chemistry is based on the carbon molecule and some other chemicals it was interesting to know that how vitamins are made by the carbon molecule. . It’s an organic compound that needs a small amount on normal cell function. Vitamins are vigorous to keep the cells alive, build body tissue, and supply energy for bodily processes and activities also they are significant for all organisms for proper maintenance of health, growth, and life.…show more content…
Vitamins are commonly classified by two groups are called water-soluble and fat-soluble. In water- soluble vitamin can be dissolved and absorbed by a water solvent also they have many polar bonds. Water-soluble vitamins are not stored in body they foldaway through the bloodstream and when body does not need it they will comes out through your urinate (pee). The examples of water-soluble are Vitamin B and C. In the other hand the Fat-soluble vitamin dissolves in an organic solvent but they are insoluble in water. Fat-soluble vitamins have many nonpolar bonds and it has few polar functional group. The example of Fat-soluble are A,D,E and

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