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rather liquid one can ingest by using a straw (Figure 21). This Analogy continuous when we see Dr. Floyd reading the instruction for the zero gravity toilet (Figure 22). The human has to learn how to use a toilet properly anew. Along with this analogy the themes of rebirth and enlightenment play a key role in this film. In one scene Dr. Floyd wishes his daughter a happy birthday; in another scene Frank receives a video message from his parents wishing him a happy birthday. When HAL is about to “die” he remembers his creation and recites his first words. When David is inside the Star Gate we see surreal images of lights and liquids. In one scene we see a red slowly expanding liquid that might resemble a growing fetus inside a uterus (Figure…show more content…
Those films got a lot of positive critique from the audience and critiques; The Guardian, for instance, praised the actors’ performance in Sicario (cf. Bradshaw). Furthermore, Arrival is considered as one of the best science fiction films of the last few years; The Guardian rated Arrival as the third best film of 2016 (cf. Shoard). Like Kubrick, Villeneuve is a director who uses a strong visual narrative; he communicates primarily with…show more content…
Often he divides the frame in fore-and background showing an object or a person further away and closer to the lens. This alone is not a special technique but the way he uses the focus is interesting. Often he emphasizes not what is in the foreground but in the background by focusing it. Consequently, the person or object nearer to the lens – and near the audience – becomes blurry (cf. Risch). In Arrival he uses the depth of field in an unusual manner; the protagonist Louise is often focused and appears in the foreground. While the camera follows her the background is blurred. Normally the director could use such a scene to show the audience what the characters sees. However, Villeneuve puts the character in the focus and does not show the audience what her environment exactly looks like. He distorts her actual familiar environment (cf.

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