Arranged Marriages In The United States

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The United States has an exclusive approach to ethical practices and customs concerning marriage and death. In comparison to countries in the Middle East, there are several ethical dilemmas highlighted in the cultural practices. For instance, Arranged marriages are very popular in the Middle East and East Asia. Arranged marriages are whereby family members or friends arrange how a couple will meet, after which the two decides whether they will marry. It is different from forced marriage because the marriage cannot take place without the consent of both parties. Contrariwise, marriage in the U.S is based on pure love. Individuals will meet their spouses on their own without any arrangements by parents, relatives or friends. Autonomous…show more content…
The national burial method entails placing the dead body in the soil in a way that encourages decomposition as the body recycles in a natural way. The dead body is put in a coffin and placed in an excavated pit before covering it with soil. Natural burial is also referred to as green burial and became popular in the U.S since the 19th century. Before placing the wrapped body in a coffin, embalming or mummification is done to prevent the decay of the dead body. In the U.S, the body is dressed in ceremonial clothing for respect. On the other hand, burial of the dead is very different in China. Unlike in the U.S, inhumation is the major funeral style in China. This tradition is swayed by Buddhism where people believe that burial fetches peace to the dead. Before burial, the Chinese people performs the Qingming Festival where they adore the ancestors and sooth them for protection (Wu). During the festival, Chinese people are expected to visit the graveyards to clean the tombs, burn joss-sticks and make some sacrifice. Apart from inhumation, other customs observed in Chinese burial include cremation, sky burial, tree burial, water burial, cliff
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