The Meth Project Analysis

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This PSA “ER” and visual ad for ‘The Meth Project’ was directed by Darren Aronofsky and was first aired on November 8, 2011. This PSA was said to be the most “anti-drug PSA.” The video and also the visual ad appear to show how methamphetamine is effecting youth and how it is a widely used drug amongst the youth of today. The video PSA and visual ad are very careful when structuring their argument towards this growing issue. They make very convincing and deliberate appeal towards pathos by showing the emotional toll it takes on the youth and their surrounding people; all as the audience watches it in that quick thirty-second clip. Aronofsky uses cause and effect to urge the audience that the change is only going to happen if we as friends, family,…show more content…
This project was founded and first established by Thomas M. Siebel in 2005. He started this project because he saw the growing problem that young adults and teens were facing with the Meth epidemic throughout the country. The Meth Project is a part of the nonprofit organization ‘The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids.’ This program has become much of a success in today’s society. Since the start of this program, the use of Methamphetamine in Montana has declined 63%, in Arizona it has declined to 65%, and in Idaho it is down to 50%. Currently, eight other states including, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming have adopted this program and are implementing it within their state. Their use of prevention is through public service messages/announcements (PSA), public policy, visual ad, and community outreach. The Meth project uses a variety of commercials, along with other states, to inform young adults and youth about the harmful effects of using methamphetamine. These commercials are not your everyday commercials, compared to other informative commercials; these commercials want to make a difference and change in the surrounding local communities and communities across the world. They aim towards changing the attitude and the perception that youth have on this deadly drug, by appealing very successfully to their audience through the…show more content…
Through the displayed intricate construction of the young man, ‘The Meth Project’ may frighten or intrigue the audience by positioning the lighter and trash around him and also by showing him picking his skin off and the scars he already has. This creates a sense of reality but also to some, it may be portrayed as a way to scare people away from using it. The ad effectively evokes “disgust” from the audience by giving visuals like rotting teeth, skin sores, and infections. They effectively used logos to compel viewers to “undertake distancing behaviors,” such as deciding not use this illegal

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