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Ella Fitzgerald was an American Jazz vocalist, she had a vocal range spanning over three octaves, and is referred to as “First Lady of Song,” “Queen of Jazz,” and “Lady Ella.” She is famous for her purity of tone, her impeccable diction, phrasing and intonation, and her “horn like” sound in her scat singing. Ella Fitzgerald was born April 25, 1917, and died June 15, 1996. She was seventy nine years old. She married Benny Kornegay in 1941, but divorced in 1943. Four years later, she married Ray Brown but also divorced in 1953. She had one child by the name of Ray Brown Jr. She received many awards including the Kennedy Center Honors, Presidential Medal of Freedom, and was awarded the Grammy Hall of Fame Award in 2009. She sang…show more content…
This period led her to reform school. She managed to escape the reform school she went to at the age fifteen, and spent the next few years of her life alone, poor, and in debt during the Great Depression. Ella Fitzgerald being a women and an artist, she was triumph of her contemporaries. She had the voice, and had the ability to scat and mimic almost any instrument. In Ella Fitzgerald’s lifetime, she won thirteen Grammy awards and was able to sell over forty million albums. She also worked with masters of jazz including Duke Ellington, Frank Sinatra, and was once the band leader of “Ella Fitzgerald and Her Famous Band”. She received accolades as honorary doctorates from Yale University and the National Medal of Arts from President Regan. She was the most popular female jazz singer for over forty five years. Ella Fitzgerald being a female jazz singer, she influenced many other female artists to become a jazz singer. Ella Fitzgerald also wrote her own songs which was unusual because most artists had a songwriter write the songs. This showed that she was

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