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Within the past few years, several exhaustive reviews have been published with excellent summaries of the recent findings. Such reviews have been written, for example on fear memory and biomarkers (Maddox, Schafe & Ressler, 2013), learned fear (Zovkic & Sweatt, 2013), neural fear network and PTSD (Wilker & Kolassa, 2013), early life stress (Provençal & Binder, 2015b), epigenetic risk factors in PTSD and depression (Raabe & Spengler, 2013) and on the inheritance of learned behaviors (Dias et al., 2015). These reviews have summarized significant advances in cognitive neuroscience and they have begun to unravel the biological mysteries and cellular basis of transmitted memory. This work has suggested that there might indeed be a biological basis for the long-term emotional effects of trauma, including its transgenerational transmission on later generations.…show more content…
Specifically, they concluded that exposure to stress, particularly in early life, has both acute and lasting epigenetic effects. In fact, such stress may even influence cognitive functions and behavior, as well as the risk for suicide and psychiatric disorders across the lifespan and also unto future generations (Griffiths & Hunter, 2014). It is now largely accepted that early-life stress produces changes in the brain and periphery that can ultimately influence behavior through epigenetic changes, such as DNA methylation, histone modification and microRNA processing (Bale, 2015; Blaze, Asok & Roth,

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