Comic Book Impact On African American Culture

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Imagine yourself a young black person growing up during a time when black people endured many racial challenges and literary genre that exaggerated their physical appearance and essentializing their ethnic culture. In this situation, it was hard for black people to relate to the media, advertisement, and newspaper articles let alone social entertainment such as comic books. In my opinion, comic books was an area of American literature that was untouched when addressing serious issues of racial and ethnic diversity, and it’s super-hero characters were represented by one race, and considered popular entertainment for one dominate class of people prior to the 1960’s (comicbookdb). However, without intergrading African American super-heroes into…show more content…
Therefore, the Black Panther comic book series should be considered literary work and belong in a literary studies course. To start with, In 1966’ Marvel comic book writers and editors Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created the character Black Panther (T’Challa), the first black superhero who was an African warrior and ruler of the Wakanda clan (Comicbookdb). Later followed suite in 1978 Marvel hired its first black science fictional writer Christopher Priest that lead to a historical shift change in comic book literature and industry (Lamerciepark). T’Chilla character was loyal to his Wakanda clan. And with his ability to defend his people against evil villains made it even more exciting to embrace such change in regards to the imagery of a black superhero. In my opinion, this opened up the opportunity for most black readers to

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