One Foot In Eden Character Analysis

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When I began reading "One Foot in Eden," I noticed that the book is written in a different style than most books. The novel is broken into five sections, four nearly equal in length, and the last a kind of coda (Rabalais). In each, Rash offers a new and distinct vernacular voice (Rabalais). It is written in first person point of view. We get a look in to five different characters minds. The first section is written in the High Sheriffs perspective. The sheriff knows the background of the town folk, and can give us an insight into each of the characters minds. The rest of the book is narrated by: "The Wife," "The Husband," "The Son," and "The Deputy." He starts by slowly setting up the foundation of the story and then gradually builds upon it…show more content…
Rash juxtaposes many characters in the book. Holland and the Sheriff are two characters that contrast in many different ways. Holland and the Sheriff both are both military veterans. Holland struggles with PTSD. A good example of showing the differences of how these two characters have reacted since coming back from war is when Holland shows the Sheriff what he brought back from the war. “Know what they are?” Holland asked, dropping the Gold Star Back in the pouch (6).” Holland held up one to me (6). “You reckon them ears can still hear (60)?” Holland brought back eight ears from the war. The Sheriff took a completely different route. He is not struggling from PTSD like Holland. The Sheriff brought back touristy items from the war. “What did you bring back, Sheriff? Holland asked (7).” “A sword and a rifle,” I said. “Nothing like what you got in that pouch (7).” As you can see, the war has had two totally different effects on each of these characters. The Sheriff and his Wife, and Billy and Amy are another set of characters that juxtapose. Both sets of these characters do not have kids for different reasons. The Sheriff and his wife shut out each other in their relationship. They show no emotion toward each other. Whereas, Amy and Billy still talk with each other and show emotion. They talk at dinner and sleep side by side in the bed. They still show love even through the pain of

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