Argumentative Essay: The First Two Years Of Public College

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Often times going to a community college or four year university is the suggested route after high school. This is not always what people choose to do after graduation because of various reasons. The first two years of public college should be given to high school graduates for free. This solution would be more affordable, give students the opportunity to learn more about college, and provide economic growth to the state. Many people may not be able to afford to go to college on their own and people who can afford it may not want to pay such a high price. Giving students the first two years of college education free will give them a better chance to receive a higher education. Many people, including myself, may not have the financial stability to pay for college life. It can be said that there are scholarships that give money to students in need but free money can’t be given to every student right? If many people are dependent on scholarships to go to college then the students who don’t receive the help they need may just be left in the…show more content…
Sure, college can teach you about all kinds of topics that can help you find a career later on in life but you have to know what certain things about yourself before you can go on that path. Sometimes, people don’t know what they really want to do in life until they enter college. If the first two years of college education were free, then many more students would be encouraged to receive that education and explore things that might interest them. About seventy percent of students who have graduated college say that it is the place where they discovered a hidden passion. Although being wealthy is the dream that everyone would like to come true one day, happiness is often a forgotten desire in comparison. Once a “job” becomes something you enjoy doing, it is no longer a job, but it is true

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