Compare And Contrast Percival And Gwaine

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Percival and Gwaine picked and sorted through the pile. Once they had all the necessary goods for a delivery set aside, Percival realized it was far too much to carry down in their arms and drop off in front of the door. “This’ll take too many trips and draw far too much attention,” said Percival, eyeing the pile dubiously. Gwaine waved off Percival’s concerns. “I have it all figured out. You sort more and I’ll be right back.” Percival did as instructed, digging around for more compact pieces of crockery and cookware, smaller loaves of bread, and jars of fruit filling. Yet he wondered what idea Gwaine had come up with for the delivery. He wouldn’t put it past Gwaine to lead a packhorse up the stairs of the castle. That would be quite the…show more content…
Leon was Camelot’s First Knight, a sober yet kind man, and he knew how to remain quiet and discreet. And while Merlin, King Arthur’s manservant, was a little more exuberant and prone to clumsiness, Merlin was softhearted and loved children; of course he’d want to be involved. Just as Percival covered the pile of goods with a thick woven blanket, Leon and Merlin turned up at Gwaine’s door. Merlin grinned, his shaggy black hair its usual mess, his ever-present red neckerchief askew. Right behind him stood Leon, dressed in his knight’s cape, his chin-length, light-brown hair properly arranged, his beard trimmed to a neat, short length. The two men couldn’t be any different in appearance – Merlin young and eager eyed, while Leon appeared more mature and had an air of authority about him – but they both had one thing in common, and that was concern for those who suffered. “Gwaine told me all about this,” said Leon, striding into the room and taking measure of the situation. “I wish the woman had come to the king. He wouldn’t have allowed her and the children to go on struggling so.” “She’s proud,” Percival told Leon. “She won’t want to accept all this. We’ll have to drop off the goods and run.” “Ah, quick in and out. I’m fast on my feet,” said Merlin. “Gangly, but

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