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Jesse’s girl is a book written by Miranda Kenneally. Jesse’s girl is the first book I have read written by Miranda Kenneally. It was published in Naperville Illinois. It was published by Sourcebooks Fire. Jesse’s girl has a total of 287 pages. Jesse’s girl is a young adult fiction. I do not think that guys would enjoy this book . Girls would most likely enjoy the book. The title of the book reminds me of the song “Jessie’s girl.” Jesse’s Girl has two main characters. Maya is a girl who is very edgy and punk rock. While country singer Jesse Scott is the exact opposite. These two are from two very different worlds. Who would think they would end up falling for one another? At the beginning of the book Maya is kicked out of the band she…show more content…
She comes over to his house and meets his housekeeper and his cat. She is also surprised by the view she sees Jesse opens the door with only underwear on. After singing and playing some guitar at Jesse’s house, Jesse and Maya head over to the studio on Jesse’s motorcycle. They spend the rest of the morning at the studio working on some of Jesse’s music and then meeting some of his employees. Maya meets his manager and his singing coach. His singing coach agrees with Jesse, Maya Isnt a bad singer. His singing coach gives her a few tips then Jesse and his singing coach teach Maya to breathe with her stomach. Then Maya and Jesse head to get something to eat. After lunch, they are told to stay on a schedule they completely dump the schedule and go to a dealership and test drive a really expensive sports car. Next, they take a stop at the park where the papparaze gets pictures of them playing in the water fountain. There is a music store with old records that Jesse usually gets away to just relax and get away from the world or many people taking pictures and following him around. He takes Maya there and shows Maya the loft where he usually chills at and they become really close and they talk and listen to music in the loft. Soon the music store got crowded so Jesse and Maya snuck out and leave and go to the pond where Jesse spends a lot of his time writing music and thinking. They go swimming and talk about Jesse’s

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