Argumentative Essay On Race And Inequality

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There are three readings that have a similar topic being discussed, which are mainly about race and inequality. Delpit proposes a resolution for the skills and also believes that the debate is fallacious and the issue is an illusion created not only by the teachers but also by the academics whose worldview demands the creation of categorical divisions. Something that she also said, which I truly agree with and will fit into my practice, is in order to get something done to change the communication block and to heal the bitterness and resentment expressed, we must identify and give voice to alternative world views. Additionally, every educator should follow this mentality, “be honest with your students. Tell them that their language and cultural…show more content…
It made me think right off the bat about the whole spiel on Donald Trump. The title of the article says it all and there should be justice and make “America Great Again” by making everyone equal and not judge one another anymore. We should all be equal and be treated as equal at all times. I also do ask myself the same question “why is it divisive to focus on race- specific programs or talk about race?” As teachers and parents, we need to come together to figure out ways to be able to talk about these important subjects to our students so that way they are comfortable to talk about it amongst their peers and of anyone who is not of their color or ethnicity. “Race still matters” even if we have an African American president. This article is targeting everyone not just a specific group. The texts’ assumptions about the phenomena being discussed are about race. There are three different types of race that was discussed, race, racism, and racialization. “Racialization is a set of practices, cultural norms, and institutional arrangements that both reflect and help to create and maintain race-based outcomes in society.” Race and Racism are understood in a way that one’s belief or race is superior to the

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