Argumentative Essay On Lord Of The Flies

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In the book “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding, a young boy named Jack is covetous of the leader Ralph because he believes that he should be the leader of the tribe. Although Jack retrieves all the food for the tribe to eat, he is very violent and could potentially hurt and even kill another member. Jack, like me, has very good survival techniques, leadership skills, and stands up to fears. Ralph, the leader of the group, is the oldest boy on the island therefore everyone votes for him as leader because they think he is more mature and can protect them from anything. Jack is humiliated, and believes that he himself should be the leader. Which he has developed from being in charge of the choir. Jack is not very fond of Ralph because he took his leader spot in the tribe. Jack tries to get the other members of the tribe to revolt against Ralph. Only a few of the older member choose to join him. Jack, like myself, is not afraid to go against what the others may think is the right thing to do to and stand up for his own beliefs. He also never gives up, when things get rough like there…show more content…
All the boys are terrified of The Beast, especially the younger ones. One day Ralph calls all the boys together by blowing into the conch shell, a shell a boy named Piggy and Ralph found while exploring the islands lagoon. Once they are all brought together they talk about ways to deal with The Beast. Ralph wants to use reasoning and believe that The Beast is fake whereas Jack wants to find The Beast and defeat him. Everyone exhibits fear at some point in their life and each person has a different way of dealing with it. Jack, takes his fear out on others and makes them seem more afraid than himself. When I get scared I tend to feel more comfortable when the people around me are more scared because it makes me feel stronger than them, therefore telling myself I can get through it because I'm not as scared as
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