Argumentative Essay On Lord Of The Flies

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There are many bad things in this world that have been created by bad people. Some people believe that not all of those bad people were born that way. they think that at Some point in their life where the good and the decisions they made to make them bad. William golding doesn't believe that. I believe that when the child is born you have it in you or you don't and a certain chain of events causes it to come out of you. Just like in the book Lord of the flies Jack and some of his hunters are evil and with Jack it was the killing of the pig that brought the evil out of him. Throughout this essay I will be discussing Goldings major argument that evil is an inborn trait of mankind. In this book one of the main characters named jack goes from being a friend to a foe. One reason for this is his drive to be the best or have the most power on the island. Some examples of this drive from the book are. Jack steals Piggy's glasses to make fire and the other group won't have fire also when he separated from the main group and made the new hunting group called the savages. Not only is he a stealing savage, but he also argues over the best thing to do, for example he always thinks that hunting is more important…show more content…
Jack's image in this book is very cocky and he would never admit to being scared of this so called beast. some things that show he is scared is when he was saying it wasn't real, but you could tell by his choice of words he was scared. Another example would be when they all killed someone they were scared and so they attacked him thinking he was the beast. after the boys killed someone jack was upset about what had happened and he figured out it was Simone. Piggy tried to forget about it by saying, “you stop it! what good’re you doing talking like that? It was dark. there was that bloody dance there was lightning and thunder and rain. We were
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