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As part of the first and second triumvirate and the General of one of the best armies, Mark Antony certainly left his mark on the world with a legacy in the military and with women, including the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. Born on January 14, 83 BC, Marcus Antonius was certainly a “troublesome and mischievous child who ran to Greece in 58 BC” (Bio A&E 1) Whilst he was in Greece he “took place in military campaigns” where he performed well after which he returned to Rome to take place as General in Caesar’s Roman army. (Bio A&E 1) Even though Mark Antony started out as a juvenile Delinquent he still grew up to be one of the most successful military leaders of the ancient world. Marcus Antonius soon changed his name to Mark Antony after “fighting…show more content…
(Moulton 36) At various points between 49 &47 BC “Antony governed Italy in the absence of Caesar”; therefore well placed to assume leadership. (Simkin 2) Antony was a very powerful leader from a military standpoint and would make an excellent leader of Rome. The murder of Caesar was definitely a turning point in the history of Rome. Late one night Julius Caesar was taking an afternoon stroll when a “group of 60 senate members, including Marcus Brutus, assassinated him by stabbing him in the torso” (Simkin 2). Caesar was “murdered 3 days before he was due to leave for Parthia” allowing Antony to take his place after claiming all of Caesar’s belongings and the throne of Rome. (Simkin 2). Though his murder may have seemed brutal, and wrongful at his funeral not long after his death a citizen spoke up saying “none lacked the motivation ,nor the will ,but simply lacked opportunity; there isn’t a soul here that would not have slain Julius Caesar. Though Antony claimed the Throne, “Caesar’s adopted son Octavian” arrived to claim his rightful place and all of the belongings that were of the previous ruler. (Simkin

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