How The White Man's Rights Struggle In Song Of Solomon

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The 1930s, 40s, and 50s was a difficult time for African American men inside the Song of Solomon novel and outside of the novel. In the novel slavery causes Solomon to run away toward freedom and end his marriage to Ryna leaving her with the kids. His leaving begins many generations of trauma. Racism had young black men trying to figure out who are they and where do they belong. In a society of Jim Crow Laws black men had no rights leaving them to live in a white own society. The knowledge that Guitar had of his father dying because of his white employers’ negligence made him extremely sensitive to the injustices perpetrated against African Americans. In Result to the treatment of black men during these racial times they created groups and organization as empowerment.…show more content…
The murder of Till was brought up in a conversation in the book that Guitar was having with milk man. Till was a young black boy that was visiting his home town in Mississippi from Chicago. Till was killed because he was attracted to white women and asked one on a date while also telling her to not be afraid of him and he a had been with white women before. Later on the next day Till was unjustly over killed by white men. In the novel Song of Solomon Guitar makes the statement, “No. White people are unnatural. As a race they are unnatural” (Morrison, 156) because he could not think of any no other explanation for white people’s freedom to commit such hate crimes, such abominable acts of intolerance. Another incident that Guitar made reference to in the novel was the Birmingham Church bombing. In the novel it seems as if the barbershop is the only place where black men could discuss the issues of race and politics. From the conversation that Guitar and Milkman is having the book reads “Aside from Empire State’s giggle, which was wholehearted, it had seemed to Milkman then that the laughter was wan and

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