Argumentative Essay: Basketball Vs. College

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For many years you have seen crazy shots in NBA or seen the biggest upsets in March Madness. You see people that root for NBA, but do not really care about college. The NCAA and NBA are not the same either because people have said that NBA is way better but college fans will say the differ. For years there has been a debate weather the NBA is better or college and there is actually no true answer. About 56 percent people would want to watch NCAA then NBA. There are some differences like quarters or halves, and the length of game time, shot clock difference. The debate that which is truly better comes down to that there is no right answer. There are other differences in NBA and College to is that NBA is filled with arrogant players and poor quality…show more content…
In NBA we are not seeing this and College gives a true sense of commitment and that link to a team is tough to break. But many people might like high scoring game in the NBA and some might like to have more defense and more physical playing. In College the crowd is more livelier than NBA because you can have College students in the crowd. NBA has a calmer crowd of older guys and younger kids to watch the pros make dunks and do other fancy plays. In College it is so nail biting down to the wire to watch March Madness every year because there are so many upsets every year and unbelievable runs that teams make every and would be really hard to predict the right team. Unlike March Madness the NBA playoffs are all televised and teams has more than one chance to make up for the loss in the playoffs. The other question is should you stay in school or or have the opportunity to earn 507,000 certainty as to how long the money will come in. Or how long the money will take to be divided into the players and other people that help out the team. The 36 percent of 2013 College grades work in a job that does not require any degree at all. If a player is a 3-point shooter

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