Aquino's Corruption In The Philippines

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nation seemed to in disorder. Mrs. Aquino would have to deal with the outcomes and have to conduct ‘post calamity’ measures to revive the somewhat unfortunate results of the preceding administration. She was disappointed to Corazon Aquino’s performance and functioning. Many controversies had sprouted and it looks like Aquino was not able to revolutionize things that would grant the populace a peace of mind. Maria Cecilia believed that the Philippines’ doom started during Corazon Aquino’s administration. Maria Cecilia considered that the problems and predicaments seriously ascended during Aquino’s Administration. Aquino, as she thought, was not proficient enough to be able to obtain solutions to the existing crisis in the country. The level…show more content…
She even said their rulings were no match to the government Ferdinand Marcos has established. Those hideous and horrible approach and methods that bud during Corazon Aquino’s time continued almost all administrations after that. Cory Aquino’s administration was the starting point to all misfortunes. She was not able to fix the mess made by the transition of Marcos’ regime to her ruling. Ramos, the president after Aquino was even worse. Maria Cecilia perceived that the level of corruption during Fidel Ramos’ time was even heightened, too much to her disappointment. Joseph Estrada, the seated president after Ramos was not that good too. Maria Cecilia somewhat believed in Estrada’s capability but Estrada was subjected to many controversies that lead him into jail, and was impeached from his presidential title. She was disappointed again. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Joseph Esrada’s vice president, took the presidential seat after Estrada was set into jail. Gloria won the next elections serving the country for another six years. And to much of her dismay, Arroyo also embraced the crooked way of serving its people. She was also incorporated with many hullabaloos. Even to the present administration, lead by Benigno Aquino III, the son of the famous Benigno Aquino Jr. and the former president Corazon Aquino, Maria Cecilia was dissatisfied even more. She was and is dissatisfied with operational tactics of the government, and at…show more content…
It was not much of an experience for her but the experience is something to be treasured of. After that, she lived peacefully with her family. She and her husband strived hard to make a living for her family. With ultimate love and effort, they were able to make it. She was able provide her children the education they deserve by sending them to the best schools. Everything is in order and they were happy until one shocking news shook them all. The head of the family, Maria Cecilia’s husband died. It was one of the saddest and darkest parts of her life. Good thing her children were there for her to support her while she was struggling to accept the heart-rending truth. To help her move on from that devastating and uneventful happening, they moved to Iloilo to forget and also, her children transferred and continued their studies in Iloilo. They were in the process of grievance and bereavement but they are striving to continue their lives. Maria Cecilia diverted her attention on striving for a living and to get her children schooled. She was mainly focusing on her job. After years of hard work and striving, she was finally able to see her children dressed as what they dreamed to be. They finished school and achieved the titles they all deserved. It is one of the best parts of her life. She was glad she made it and her children got it even though she was

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