Five Stages Of Motivation

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There is the age-old question that employers, teachers, or mangers have been asking for many years are; how can I motivate my workers, subordinates, or students? Before I got into motivation theories, lets define what motivation is. According to the dictionary, Motivation is the act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something (Merriam Webster, 2018). There have been many theories on how to motivate people. Some of those theories are; Carrot and Stick Motivation Theory, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and Hersey-Blanchard Situational Leadership Theory. The first motivation theory is the Carrot and Stick Theory. Jeremy Bentham created the Carrot and Stick Motivation Theory in the 1800’s, he believed that only two items drove motivation…show more content…
Maslow believed that all human behavior could be explained by motivation. Maslow’s motivation theory had five stages. The way these stages work is, you cannot move to the next stage without completing the previous stage. The first stage is Biological and Physiological needs, which are your basic life survival needs like; shelter, food, water, and air. Once a person has completed the first stage, you can move to the stage of Safety Needs this is the second stage of the hierarchy and can come in the form of a job. By having a steady job a person can now afford food, shelter, and water, which will make them feel…show more content…
In this stage, we can look at it as our social stage. This is where a person fulfills their needs via a relationship, whether it is in a family, community, or workforce. Once someone has accomplished the first three stages. They should start to be feeling good about life and brings them the fourth stage of Esteem. The esteem stage is where a person starts to feel they have a sense of achievement or people respect and recognize them as productive members of the community. Last but not least this brings us to our last stage, which is Self-Actualization. Self-actualization is where a person realizes all they have accomplished, but does not want to stop there and starts to look for more ways to better themselves and grow as a person. In actuality life in the military should fit each of these stages, the military will give you your basic needs of survival. Once you pass basic training, you are taught a skill set for the job you signed up for this will give you safety/job security. Since the military, no matter the branch, prides its self on camaraderie this will provide the new service member the third stage of belonging. The fourth stage of esteem is accomplished by gaining promotions as the service member progresses in rank. Going to college or gaining other military occupations attains then the fifth stage of

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