Apollo Purpose Essay

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The Apollo Purpose Many will look back at the Apollo missions as being the greatest advance in human technology and science, and although for that time and place it may be true, its purpose runs deeper than that. After doing some research on the purpose of the Apollo Missions, it becomes apparent that scientific exploration was a secondary goal to its political agenda. In a book compiled by Asif A. Siddiqi called Challenge to Apollo: The Soviet Union and the Space Race, Asif describes the point of view from the Soviet Union’s Side. Their main goal was to upstage the US space program, and one of the Americans main goals was to “achieve preeminence in space for the United States.” The three other main goals that the Apollo missions strived for were the following: To establish the technology to meet other national interests in space. To carry out a program of scientific exploration of the Moon. To develop man's capability to work in the lunar environment. If we are being honest though, it was all about being the first Country to put a man on…show more content…
This lead to some major advancements to the micro circuit boards. It is hard to imagine now, but at that time computers were still large enough to take up a whole room, but they needed to fit it on a spacecraft. This was one of the major factors that has helped advance the hi-tech industry. Many tech entrepreneurs have sited the Apollo as their inspiration. In answer to questions two, they would gather samples for the moons surface and study what they would find. Would they find life? would they find usable minerals? Could they farm on the moon? The discoveries lead to further studies. The Apollo missions only led to more questions and more explorations. As we continued to study space, our desired to know what was out there grew more and more. Before we knew it we were trying to launch space crafts outside of our known
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