Of Mice And Men Theme Essay

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All throughout Of Mice and Men we encountered several different themes relating to the story’s characters and their characteristics. In this story the theme known as “The American Dream” stood out to me the most as it was such an important factor in some of these men’s lives. All over the story you can see these characters sharing this one dream or a dream that can relate to one another or as a goal of theirs to reach. Back in these times or era this so called “American Dream” wasn’t the easiest to reach and most men barely even made. In the story we see these main characters coming so close as to reach it, but came up short in the tragic ending. There may have been more themes such as loneliness and the sense of morality, but looking at a…show more content…
This is a very different look at the “American Dream” this is a person that has seen these type of people believing in this one common focus point the almost unreachable “American Dream”. Which discourages the reader it would even happen that George and Lennie would even reach it. This is why the “American Dream” is such an important theme to the story its these contrasting opinions and the common focus points on how to reach it the plan it is all shared with these traveling people. Well Crooks then believes in it later in the story as he says to Candy” I never seen a guy really do it…If you guys would want a hand to work for nothing-just his keep, why I’d come an’ lend a hand” This gave hope to the theme and maybe they were going to do it like I said this theme is influential to every one once you give the strike of almost being able to reach it many would try to follow and make it come true. In conclusion if you cannot notice “the American Dream” was an important idea and figure to almost everyone in the story and the people of this time period. These times were filled with obstacles that prevented the goal from being completed and the reader knows that everything goes downhill when Lennie murders Curley’s wife which then leads to Lennie being shot in the back of the head by his dearly
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